Thursday, April 26, 2007

Old habits die hard

It began innocently enough. I worked in an office, and I was supposed to be working when I was there, obviously. Not unlike many (most? all?) people, I would occasionally spend time on the internet. As long as I got my work done and did it well and in a timely fashion, no harm, no foul. But that didn’t mean I wanted anyone to catch me not working. I kept several windows open, with at least one related to work, so I could switch over if I heard anyone approach. When I began working from home, I carried that habit with me. I also continued to switch to a work-related website whenever I finished any browsing.

I am now in my third week of not working, and I still find myself pulling up the PubMed Citation Matcher before walking away from the computer. I am tempted to delete all of my work bookmarks, but it seems like such a drastic step. I’m not one for burning bridges. Sure, I left my job, but maybe someday I’ll want to search for an article or verify the scientific name of a bacterium. Those bookmarks could come in handy someday…hopefully not, but you never know. Until I get around to at least moving them off the toolbar, I’ll just keep kicking myself for being such a creature of habit.

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