Sunday, January 30, 2005


Gogo ate a sandwich in the conventional fashion for the first time today. Previously, her methods involved removing the top piece of bread, eating the filling slice by slice or pinch by pinch, and then eating the bread, if she felt like it.

Grilled cheese sandwiches were eaten this way, too, even the one she had at Alice’s Tea Cup. You wouldn’t think a person could disassemble a grilled cheese sandwich, but Gogo had no problem.

Lately she has been requesting peanut butter & jelly (aka “kinga butter delly”), but I have been reluctant to provide it, as I could only imagine the mess that would ensue. Today I decided to take the plunge, and she rewarded me by eating the sandwich the way one would expect a sandwich to be eaten: she picked up the sandwich in one piece and took bite after bite.

She had already finished the first half and was halfway through the second half before I realized what I was witnessing. I made sure to get photographic evidence of this latest development, since Daddy was working and not there to see it himself. There was still a mess, but it was nothing more than I’d expect from pizza or spaghetti. After all, she’s only two.

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