Monday, November 20, 2006


On Friday, the cleaners were here to do the bathrooms. I was in the kitchen taking care of breakfast, and I heard a loud clanging crash coming from the master bathroom above me. I assumed it was the toothbrush holder and stifled the urge to rush up the stairs and shout, “what the hell was that?” I hoped that they would at least clean up the toothbrush holder after it came in contact with the floor.

During my shower yesterday morning, the incident came to mind again. I thought about the various things on the bathroom counter,* and the cotton ball holder came to mind. The container and its lid would definitely be more likely to make a loud clanging crash than the toothbrush holder. In fact, if the toothbrush holder made that kind of noise, it would most likely be broken.

But there were still cotton balls in the container. Certainly, if they had fallen on the floor, they would have been thrown away. My first urge was to throw them out just in case, but I feared it might be a princessy move. I could hear Pete’s eyes rolling just thinking about it.

When I got out of the shower, I just had to check. I took the lid off the cotton balls, and I saw them…mixed with specks of dirt, lint, and hair. Ewwww.

*When we first started having the cleaners come in to clean the bathrooms, I took everything off the counters. I’ve since relaxed a bit, although I do remove most stuff, especially toothbrushes (and my razor from the shower). I think I’ll start moving it all again.

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