Thursday, November 02, 2006

Missing Ms. Messing

The other day I was thinking about how it felt like something was missing this fall. This post at Smitten Kitchen was the catalyst and a clue. What I’ve been missing is scenes of city dwellers trekking upstate for fall fun. I’m missing Will & Grace.

I wasn’t even a great fan of the show. I just sort of fell into watching it. Were it not for TiVo, I probably wouldn’t have bothered. It filled a void left by the departure of Friends,* and I did not expect to miss it.

Are there any NYC-based sitcoms left? I don’t even know what’s on NBC on Thursday nights anymore besides ER.

*Speaking of Friends, I watched Joey** religiously for those two seasons, hoping against hope for some kind of reunion show. What? Your friend moves to L.A. and you don’t go visit? What’s wrong with these people?

**And also, I was just checking IMDb to verify how many seasons there were of Joey, and they list eight episodes that I never saw. They list air dates and everything. What’s up with that?

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