Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sounds of the season

The local radio station that plays Christmas songs 24/7 throughout the holiday season has started playing Christmas songs. My car no longer needs to be silent. Hooray!

Gogo does not tolerate the radio unless it plays Christmas music. My car doesn’t have a CD player, so we do not usually have music playing. I have a tape of Sesame Street and Smurf Christmas music (recorded from records when I was a child) that I kept in the car until last April. Gogo wanted it playing constantly.

Now, I absolutely love the holiday season, and I would start the Christmas music on November 1st if I could, but Christmas music from December to April is a bit much even for me. When my car went in for a repair, I took out the tape for safekeeping and never put it back.

When I told Gogo we were going to listen to Christmas music on the radio, she wanted to know if we could get the tape back... they don’t play “Smurfing bells” on the radio.

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